Peechi Dam – A Great Family Picnic Destination in Kerala

Kerala is home to some of the best tourist destinations in India and is well known greenish serene geographical beauty. If you want to got out somewhere on a particular day in Kerala, you will never feel the scarcity of travel destinations. Kerala is blessed with travel attractions that are suited to all type of people and people from different parts of the world visit this place to enjoy its amazing beauty and atmosphere.

One of the best place that I have recently visited with my family in Kerala was the Peechi Dam, which is located in the District of Thrissur. The Peechi dam is a quite and beautiful dam in Kerala and is considered as one of the best picnic destination in south India. Peechi dam is blessed with an amazing natural beauty and also has a park and gardens that add more beauty to this place. A lot of people visit this place and one of the most striking feature of this place is the calm atmospheric nature that given it a unique sense of re-freshness to the mind.


This is one of the best family vacation spots as there are no other natural threats and if you like to spend some memorable time with your family and children, then Peechi dam is the best place to be. Arrive here by 9 AM and spend some time till 12 PM after which it becomes too hot. You can also plan your trip in the evening and leave the park before the night falls. I visited this place with my kids and they really enjoyed a great time with the limited rides and other game equipment that were available at the park.

Peechi Dam Park

There is a great scope for walking as the park and garden are too big in size and you can really take your own time in exploring the dam, the park and the garden associated with it.

Peechi Dam Kerala

There are also small fountains within the garden which adds more beauty to the place. There is also a small tower structure and once you ascent to the top of the tower, you will be able to get a wider view of the dam and its surroundings in a much better way.

Garden at Peechi Dam ThrissurIt is not recommended to visit this place during the monsoon season (July to September) as it will be heavily raining and you will find the situation very much difficult. So better visit this place when there is no rain and the best time to visit Peechi dam in Kerala is between November to March when the climate is good enough for you to enjoy.

Peechi Dam Park, Thrissur, Kerala

So if you are looking for calm and eco-friendly vacation travel spot in Kerala, then you can try out Peechi dam and enjoy its amazing ecofriendly nature and its beauty. So if you are not familiar with this place, then you can very much take the help of any of the travel tour operators that can help you in getting here.

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