5 Important Winter Travel Destinations in North India

As I have mentioned in my previous blog post, India is a land of diverse cultural and geographical features. There are travel destinations for all the seasons and you can see separate travel places for the season, spring, autumn and summer season. So people of different interests can feel comfortable once they come to India, as there are destinations for all type of people.

One of the most popular travel destinations in India are the ones that are ideal to spend your winter season. When we take the case of north India, most of the winter destinations are hilly regions with cool and chilly climatic conditions. Usually people prefer to visit places with hot climatic condition during the winter season, but when it comes to the winter travel destinations of north India, majority of the place are hilly areas.

I have not visited any of the major winter travel destinations in India and everything that I am posting here is based on the research I have made using various online resources. Here I would like to share the list of the 5 important winter travel destinations in north India based on my own opinion. So here goes the list.

1) Ladakh
Ladakh is famous for its monasteries, mountain tops, cliffs and other amazing geographical features. It is a must to visit travel destination in north India and is also known for its wild-life resources. Ladakh is also considered as an ideal adventure travel destination in India and is suited for adventure activities such as trekking, rafting, mountaineering, rock climbing etc. If you are interested in sight seeing, then there is nothing better than Ladakh that can fill your mind with everlasting beautiful memories.

2) Manali
Nestled along with the Himalayan mountain ranges, Manali becomes more beautiful with its remote value and foggy hideouts. Manalia is a traveller’s delight with its amazing options for vacation trips. The place is visited by travellers from across the world and has a cool and chilly climate throughout the year. Apart from its travel attractions and sightseeing spots, the place is also ideal for various adventure activities.

3) Nainital
If you are looking for a honeymoon travel destination in north India during the winter season, then Nainital is the best recommended place. Nainital is a beautiful hill station in north India that is popular for its organic magnificence and scented candles that attract travellers from across the world. One of the major travel attractions in Nainital is the Naini Lake which has the shape of a pear. The lake also offers opportunity to enjoy a ride on the boat which gives a good view of of the city. There are also a variety of sightseeing opportunity in Nainital that prompts you to visit this place again and again.

4) Shimla
Shimla was once the summer capital of the British government in India and is still one of the most elegant winter travel destination in India. The place is ideal for sports activities such as golf, racing, cricket etc and is also the best spot for enjoying some quality shopping. In Shimla, one might not miss an opportunity to take an adventure trekking trips as there are a number of interesting trekking trails that can help you in enjoying your tour. Shimla is a place in north India that is highly recommended for travellers from different countries.

5) Gulmarg
Gulmarg is yet another winter travel destination in India that comes along with Himalayan mountain ranges and is very much popular among the adventure seekers. Trekking and skiing are two of the major adventure activity that one can participate in Gulmarg. Due to its amazing natural beauty, Gulmarg is also a great place for sightseeing for all types of people.

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